Advanced monitoring concepts

In this article, you'll learn about downloading and uploading trace files in Monitor, events supported by Monitor, and scenarios that Monitor doesn't support.

Download and upload trace files

You can download the events listed in Supported events for offline analysis. Events can be downloaded in .json or .csv format, and you can share them with others. The .csv files can only be downloaded, not uploaded, but if you download the events in .json format, you can upload them later into Monitor for analysis. You can also attach a trace file to support service requests, which can help speed up getting the solution to your problem.

Download trace files.

Select Upload to load a .json trace file to Monitor. This option removes any events currently displayed in the Monitor table and replaces the details with events contained in the trace file.

Upload trace files.

Supported events

Monitor supports several events for canvas apps and model-driven apps. The following table includes examples of the supported event categories and types.

Canvas apps Model-driven apps
  • Data connectors
  • Network events (error status codes highlighted)
  • Screen load metrics
  • Cross-screen dependency warning
  • User actions such as Navigate, Select, and SetProperty
  • Custom Trace()
  • Delegated versus non-delegated queries
  • Verbose switch (internal telemetry)
  • Delegation
  • Function
  • Network
  • Parsing
  • Performance
  • Scenario
  • ScreenLoad
  • Telemetry
  • UserAction
  • Verbose
  • Form events, such as load and save
  • Network
  • Page navigation
  • Command executions

Unsupported scenarios for Monitor

Monitor doesn't support the scenarios in the following table.

Description App type
Monitor connected to a canvas app embedded in a model-driven app or custom page. Canvas
Monitor connected to a SharePoint custom form app. Canvas
Monitor connected to a Microsoft Teams embedded app. As an alternative, you can play the app in a web player for diagnostics purposes. Canvas

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