Control site creation in a tenant


As a global administrator, if you want to disable site creation in a tenant by non-administrators, you can do it by enabling the disablePortalsCreationByNonAdminUsers tenant level setting through PowerShell. To run PowerShell cmdlets, you must first install the required modules. For information on installing the required PowerShell modules, see Installation.

After installing the modules, run the following command in a PowerShell window (run PowerShell as an administrator).

Set-TenantSettings -RequestBody @{ "disablePortalsCreationByNonAdminUsers" = $true }

Administrators are the users having one of the following Azure roles:

Users without these Azure roles are considered non-administrators.

When the site creation is disabled in a tenant, non-administrators see an error—You don't have permissions to create a site in this environment. Choose another one or contact your administrator to request access.

A screenshot of Power Pages design studio displaying a message indicating that the user does not have permissions to create a site in the environment they've selected.

To enable site creation in a tenant, change the settings value from $true to $false.

Set-TenantSettings -RequestBody @{ "disablePortalsCreationByNonAdminUsers" = $false }

For more details about the required roles, and permissions to create a portal, go to Required roles and permissions.

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