Power Apps portals Studio


You can use Power Apps portals Studio to create and customize your website. It contains various options to add and configure webpages, components, forms, and lists.


To use the portals Studio, you will need to be assigned the system administrator role in the same Microsoft Dataverse environment as your site.

Open portals Studio

To open Power Apps portals Studio:

  1. Go to Power Apps.

  2. Select Apps from the left pane.

    Select Apps from left pane.

  3. Select your portal.

  4. Select Edit.

    Select Edit to open the portal in Studio.

Understand portals Studio

The anatomy of Power Apps portals Studio is as follows:

Power Apps portals Studio anatomy.

Annotation Name Description
1 Command bar Allows you to:
  • Create a webpage.
  • Delete a component.
  • Sync Configuration - synchronizes the latest portal configuration changes in Microsoft Dataverse database with your current Studio session. For example, use Sync Configuration to reflect the changes in Studio when using the Portal Management app to change the configuration of pages, forms or any other objects.
  • Browse website - clears the portal cache and opens the current portal page.
2 Toolbelt Allows you to:
  • View and manage webpages
  • Add components
  • Edit templates
3 Canvas Contains components that build a webpage.
4 Footer Displays autosave status and allows you to open-source code editor.
5 Properties pane Displays properties of webpage and selected components and lets you edit them as required.


  • Editing a portal through Power Apps portals Studio will temporarily cause poor portal performance due to multiple background processes. For example, the clear cache process runs and reloads data from Microsoft Dataverse.
  • Power Apps portals Studio only supports editing in the language selected while provisioning the portal. For help with creating portals in additional languages, see Create additional portals in an environment.

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