In-app notifications in the Power Apps mobile app

In-app notifications allow users to receive notifications in the notification center and as a notification toast. For more information, see In-app notifications in model-driven apps. In Power Apps mobile, toast notifications appear one at a time.

Example of a toast notifications.

Access notifications

  1. To access notifications in Power Apps mobile, go to site map and then select the bell icon.

    Enable to disable toast notifications.

  2. The notification center opens which displays all your notifications.

    Example notification center.

  3. To dismiss and delete a notification, select the close X button on a notification. Or, select Dismiss all to dismiss and delete all notifications.

Turn toast notifications on or off

  1. To turn toast notifications on or off, from the site map, go to Settings

  2. Under In-App Notifications, go to the Enable toasts and move the toggle to on or off.

  3. If you've enabled toast notifications, then select Total duration and enter how long you want the toast to appear.

    Notifications setting screen.