Use model-driven apps on Power Apps mobile

Use Power Apps mobile to run model-driven apps on your mobile device. For more information about how to install and get started with an app, see Install Power Apps mobile.


Model-driven apps for Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and Dynamics 365 Field Service don't run in Power Apps mobile. Instead, you use the Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets app. For more information, see User Guide for Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets.

Home screen

It's easy to get around in Power Apps mobile. The following illustration shows the primary navigation elements on the Home screen.

Navigation controls, expanded view.


  1. Site map: Open the menu and move between apps, get to your favorite and recently used rows, access settings, and more.
  2. Search: Search for app rows in Microsoft Dataverse.
  3. New: Create a new row and quickly enter almost any type of information into the system.
  4. Assistant: Use the assistant to monitor and track daily actions and communications. It helps you stay on top of your day with insight cards that are displayed prominently throughout the app to provide tailored and actionable insights.

Site map

From the Home screen, select the site map Site map icon. to access tables, favorite or most-used rows, other apps, and settings.

Your site map might look different if your app maker has customized the navigation bar to show or hide the Home, Recent, Pinned buttons in the site map. An app maker can also make groups collapsible. For more information, see Hide or show the Home, Pinned, Recent, and collapsible groups.

Site map screen.

The following illustration shows the primary navigation elements on the site map screen.

Site map and navigation.


  1. App selector: Open this menu to close your app and switch to another app.
  2. Home screen: Select this to go back to the Home screen.
  3. Profile: Go to the Profile screen to sign out or reconfigure the app.
  4. Recent rows: View a list of rows you were recently using.
  5. Pinned rows: View and open your favorite (pinned) rows.
  6. Table navigator: This area lists the table available in the app.
  7. Help: Access help content for more information about how to use Power Apps mobile.
  8. Offline status: Work with your data in offline mode, even when you don't have internet access. More information: Work offline on your mobile device
  9. Settings: Access settings.

Pin favorite rows

The Pinned and Recent lists provide quick access to rows that you've recently used or pinned to favorites. Use the Recent list to pin favorite rows.

  1. From the site map Site map icon, select Recent Recent row icon.

  2. On the Recent rows screen, select the push-pin icon next to a row to add it to your favorites (pinned rows).

  3. To view the newly pinned rows, select X, and then select Pinned Pinned favorites icon..

    Pin a row to favorites.

Unpin a row

  1. From the site map Site map icon, select Pinned Pinned favorites icon.

  2. Select the remove-pin icon Remove pin icon. next to a row to remove it from favorites (pinned rows).

    Unpin a row.

Change views

  • From the Home screen, select the down arrow Change view icon. next to the current view, and then select a new view.

    Change views.

Add a row quickly

  1. From the Home screen, select New Create row button..

  2. Fill in the columns, and then select Save.

  3. After the row is created, you can view the new row.

    Create a row.

  • To save and open the row that you created, select More More commands icon., and then select Save and Open.

  • To save and create another row, select More More commands icon., and then select Save and Create new.

    Save and create another row.

Sort rows

Sort in ascending or descending order: From a list view, select the arrow to sort the list in ascending or descending order.

Sorta rows by ascending or descending order.

Sort by field: Select the current Sort by field and then select another field to sort by.

How to sort rows.

Access the actions menu

From a list view, swipe left to access the actions menu for a row.

How to access actions for a row.


The Flow actions menu in Power Apps mobile doesn't support flows created in a solution.

Access more commands (Android)

  1. From the Home screen, open a row.

  2. On the open row, select More More row commands icon." to access more commands.

    Commands on a row.

Edit a row

  1. From the Home screen, open a row that you want to edit.

  2. When you're done editing the row, select Save. To cancel your changes, select Discard.

    Edit a row.

Go back to the Home screen

  • To get back to the Home screen when you're in a row, select Back Back icon..

  • At any point, press and hold Back Back icon. to go back to the Home screen.

    Go back to the Home screen.

Sign out

From the site map Site map icon, select the profile icon Profile icon, and then select Sign out.

Enhancements (preview)

[This section has pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Your app maker can enable Mobile commanding improvements to provide easy access to contextual commands when you're using Power Apps mobile. Here's a list of improvements:

Commanding improvements

  • The Delete command on a grid page is automatically hidden when a row is not selected thus, making room for other commands. When one or more rows is selected the Delete command is automatically displayed.

  • The Process command is hidden when there's no process enabled for a table. Removing a nonfunctional command makes room for other commands.

    Before After
    Old process command. Process command.
  • Commands such as Edit columns, Edit filters, and Show Chart have been moved from the main set of commands to overflow menu. This gives priority to other commands including custom commands.

    Before After
    Old commands shows at the bottom. Commands moved to overflow menu.

Command bar optimization for tablets

  • The command bar on Power Apps mobile for tablets was at the bottom, now the command bar is located at the top like to the web app.

    Command bar on tablet.