Share rows using Access Team

Access Team grant access to rows via sharing rows. Access Team members have privileges defined by their individual security roles and by roles from the teams they are members of.


Before you can share rows using Access Team, your admin will need to set-up an Access Team template. For more information, see About team templates.

  1. To give a user permission to access a row, from the site map, select the row type. For example, Accounts.
  2. From the list of rows, open the row that you want to provide another user access to.

My active accounts.

  1. In the Access Team Members section, select More Commands () > Add User.

Add user to Access Team.

  1. In the search box type in the user name to find the user and then select Add.

Find user.

Remove a user from Access Teams

You can easily remove a user’s access to a row just as easily as you added them.

  1. Open the row that you want to remove the user from.
  2. Under Access Team Members sub-grid, select Remove user.

Remove user from Access Team.