Use interactive dashboards to filter data

Use interactive dashboards to filter and view your app data. Charts on an interactive dashboard serve as a simple filtering source. You can select different data points on a chart to filter data based on the filter criteria.

Interactive dashboards are system dashboards that only an admin can create. To learn more about how to create and configure interactive dashboards, go to Create and configure model-driven app interactive experience dashboards.

Interactive dashboards come in two forms: multi-stream and single-stream. In addition, multi-stream dashboards can be home page or table-specific dashboards. The multi-stream dashboards display data in real time over multiple data streams.

Multi-stream interactive dashboard.

The single-stream dashboards display real-time data over one stream based on a table view. Visual filters are already applied. The tiles are positioned on the right side of the dashboards and are always shown.

Single-stream interactive dashboard.

Use visual filters

Use the visual filter option to drill down into the data on the charts. This displays information that interests you most.

  1. To view an interactive dashboard, go to the list of dashboards and find the one that has the interactive icon Interactive dashboard icon. next to the dashboard name.

    View an interactive dashboard.

  2. On the command bar, select Show Visual Filter.

    Show Visual Filter.

  3. Select a drill-down option.

    Select drill-down option.

  1. Select an area on one of the charts or graphs to apply a filter.

    Select an area on a chart.

  2. To clear the filter, select X next to the filter or to clear all filters, select Clear All.

    Clear filters.