Use a flow to update a row

Use the Update a row action to make changes to a row in Microsoft Dataverse.

Image that displays the Update a row action.

For example, you can create a flow that updates an Account in Dataverse when you receive an email, as shown in the following image.

Image that shows a flow that updates a row when an email arrives.

Update a row

After you select a table, the action card displays a list of inputs for the row Id that's related to the columns in the table to update. An asterisk (*) indicates the mandatory columns. The Row Id column is the unique Id for the row that's being updated. If you provide a row Id that doesn't exist or generated with the guid() expression, the action performs an update or insert (upsert) operation, creating a new row with the Id you provide.

If you don't see a column, select Show advanced options at the bottom of the card. The update doesn't include columns left blank, unless a null value is provided explicitly.