Create desktop flows

Using Power Automate, you can develop desktop flows that automate tasks on your desktop and the Web. This section presents all the available ways to create desktop flows and start designing your automations.

Start creating desktop flows using examples

Power Automate provides an extensive collection of examples to introduce users to RPA. You can find all the available examples under the Examples tab in the console.

Screenshot of the Examples tab in the console.

To copy an example to your flows, right-click the example and select Create a copy. The copied flow will be stored under the My flows tab.

Screenshot of the Create a copy option of an example.

If you've opened and edited an example in the flow designer, select Save as to copy the edited example to your flows. The changes can't be saved to the original example flow.

Screenshot of the Save as button in an open example.

Create desktop flows through the console

To create a desktop flow using Power Automate for desktop:

  1. Launch the application and select New flow in the console.

    Screenshot of the New flow button in the console.

  2. Enter a name for the desktop flow, and select Create.

    Screenshot of the Build a flow dialog.

  3. Design your flow in the flow designer and select Save. Close the flow designer and the flow will appear in the My flows tab of the console.

    Screenshot of a desktop flow in the console.

Create desktop flows through cloud flows

Power Automate enables you to create desktop flows through cloud flows and trigger them remotely. To find more information about this functionality, go to Trigger desktop flows from cloud flows.