Uploading custom actions to an environment

This article explains how to upload custom actions to an environment.


Ensure that you have the following permissions to upload a custom actions group to an environment.

  • You have access to the Power Platform environment.
  • You're assigned Desktop Flow Module Developer role in the Power Platform admin center.
  • This feature requires Power Automate for desktop v2.32 or later.

Upload custom actions

  1. Go to Power Automate.

  2. Select Custom actions under Data.

    Screenshot of Custom actions under Data section

  3. Select Upload custom action from the top of the screen.

    Screenshot of Upload custom actions button

  4. Enter the required details for your custom actions group.

    Name Required or optional Description
    Name Required This is how your custom actions group name appears in the custom actions list, assets library, and if included in a desktop flow, in the actions tree.
    Description Optional A brief description of the custom actions. This information is visible in the asset library, when the custom actions group is selected.
    Select file Required Select the signed .cab file containing the custom actions group developed with the custom actions SDK, and any dependent .dll files if applicable.

    Screenshot of Upload custom actions blade

  5. Select Upload.

    The newly uploaded custom actions group appears in the list.

    Screenshot of custom actions entry

By selecting the uploaded custom actions group, you can go into its details page.

Screenshot of Upload custom actions group detailed view

From here, you can perform the following actions.

Edit custom actions

Edit the uploaded custom actions, modifying its name and/or description.

Screenshot of Edit custom actions group blade

Share custom actions

Share custom actions to allow managing who has access to the custom actions uploaded and view the given type of access.

There are three types of access a maker can have regarding custom actions.

  • User - can only use the respective custom actions in desktop flows.
  • User + Share – can use and share the custom actions.
  • Co-owner – can also update/delete the custom actions.


To be a co-owner, you have to be assigned the Desktop Flow Module Developer role in the environment.

Screenshot of Manage access to custom actions group

Update file

Only co-owners can update a file. Update files when you want to update existing custom actions by uploading a .cab file.

Update file (Co-owners only) for when you want to update the existing custom actions etc. by uploading a .cab file.

Screenshot of Update custom actions group

Delete file

Only co-owners can delete custom actions. Deleting a custom actions group causes all dependent desktop flows to fail.

Screenshot of Delete a custom actions group

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