Setup out of office and delegation

The approvals kit has settings to manage you're out of office and approval delegations so that approval requests while you're away can be delegated to somebody else to make the approval decisions.

Out of office setup steps

To set up the out of office and delegation, follow these steps:

  1. Open Approvals Manager app.

  2. Select Out of Office Settings.

  3. Select Create new.

  4. Choose the desired start and end dates/times of when you're out of office.

  5. (Optional) Enter a title for your out of office.

  6. Choose the response type and select Next.

  7. Choose whether you're able to access emails while you're away and select Next.

  8. Select the contacts you would like to add whilst you're away from the dropdown list. If it isn't listed in the drop-down, follow these steps:

    a. Select Add contact.

    b. Search for the contact you would like to add.

    c. Select the contact.

    d. Select Done.

  9. (Optional) Enter what each contact is referred to when you're away.

  10. Select Next.

  11. Select the person you would like to delegate your approval requests to from the dropdown list.

  12. (Optional) Modify the generated message to customize what you would like to send to the person you're delegating to.

  13. Select Next.

  14. Review the message being using to automatically reply back when a new email arrives.

  15. Select Submit.

While your out of office settings are enabled, any new approval requests are delegated to whoever you specified within the date and time you selected.


Delegation doesn't occur if you:

  • Set your out of office settings to off.
  • Your out of office date and times don't fall in the time you specified.