Making phase

You have now planned and designed how you'd like to automate your process. The next step is to set up the automation.

Basic steps for cloud flows

  1. Create a cloud flow in Power Automate.

  2. Specify an event or trigger to start the flow with connectors. Based on the way you want to trigger the automation, you'll specify what event you want to use to trigger your Power Automate flow.

  3. Add actions and conditions.

More information: Create a cloud flow in Power Automate, Create a flow from a template in Power Automate

Basic steps for desktop flows

  1. Create a new desktop flow in Power Automate Desktop.

  2. Add actions and set up configuration.

  3. Define inputs and outputs.

  4. Test the desktop flow you created.

  5. If needed, set up triggers and links between cloud flows and Power Automate Desktop.