Manage sensitive input like passwords

Some inputs like passwords need to be omitted from the logs. Power Automate uses Sensitive text inputs to store these "confidential" values.

Follow these steps to turn on Secure Inputs and Secure Outputs to work with sensitive content from connectors.

  1. On the top right corner of an action, select ().

  2. Select Settings.

    Screenshot of the settings option.

  3. Turn on the Secure Inputs and Secure Outputs properties to prevent these values from being shown in the logs.

    Screenshot of secure inputs and outputs.

  4. Select Done.

You'll notice that the action now has a lock icon on the top right, indicating special handling for input and output values.

The lock icon.


Follow the same steps to configure inputs as given earlier in this article to pass the output from this connector to a desktop flow, and then turn on Secure Text in the Settings.

Pass outputs to a flow.