Image share sample

The Image Share Form sample is an Adaptive Card designed for sharing photos that have been posted to SharePoint and which may be a dependency for a process to complete (such as processes related to inspection, compliance, and audits). This is a display only adaptive card.

Display only adaptive card.

Inputs/Outputs and notes

Dynamic Token Name (inputs) Placeholder Text Notes
acphotoTitle {acphotoTitle} Display text
acTimestamp {acTimestamp} Display date/time
acImageThumbnail {acImageThumbnail} Display image
This must be replaced with a valid URL
acAltText {acAltText} Accessibility alternative text
    "$schema": "",
    "type": "AdaptiveCard",
    "version": "1.0",
    "body": [
            "type": "TextBlock",
            "text": "{acphotoTitle}",
            "id": "Title",
            "size": "Large"
            "type": "TextBlock",
            "text": "{acTimestamp}",
            "size": "Medium",
            "weight": "Lighter"
            "type": "Image",
            "altText": "{acAltText}",
            "url": "{acImageThumbnail}"
    "spacing": "None"