Power Automate embed pay-as-you-go

With the Power Automate embed pay-as-you-go program, independent software vendors (ISVs) can integrate Power Automate into their solutions, making it frictionless for their customers to use premium Power Automate capabilities in their own flows. With this program, ISVs make their premium connectors available to all Power Automate makers and pay for these makers' consumption of these connectors through pay-as-you-go meters.

Since ISVs pay for their customers' use of their premium connectors, there's no need for their customers to purchase standalone Power Automate licenses to build and run flows with the premium capabilities that the ISV offers.

With this approach, ISVs with premium connectors on Power Platform can make them available to any Power Automate user. After the ISV starts their participation in this embed program, users without premium licenses can build premium flows with connectors that the ISV provides. This enables any user to take advantage of the premium capabilities of Power Automate and build flows to enhance the products that they use from that ISV.

As customers build and run flows with these premium connectors, Microsoft sends aggregate tenant-level usage reports (flow runs involving these connectors) to the ISVs. No user data is shared as part of this program.


If a customer already has premium Power Automate licenses, the ISVs aren't billed for their consumption, and no aggregated usage reports are shared with the ISVs.

If an ISV discontinues their participation in the program, customers get advanced notice to acquire a paid Power Automate license to keep their flows running.