Manage cloud flows

Use the Power Automate mobile app to do the following tasks:

  • View, edit, and run your flows.

  • Check the run history of flows.

  • Turn your flows on and off, or delete them.

You can manage your flows when you're away from your computer whether they're solution-aware or non-solution–aware. Learn about solution-aware flows.

To learn about the different types of cloud flows, go to Cloud flows.

View a list of your cloud flows

By default, the Flows screen shows all the flows that you've created.

Screenshot of a list of flows.

To show flows that others have shared with you, select Shared with me at the top of the Flows screen.

Edit a cloud flow

You can edit your cloud flows on-the-go. Your available cloud flows are in one of the lists in the Flows screen, as shown in the previous screenshot.

To edit a cloud flow:

  1. On the Flows screen, select the flow that you want to edit.

    The Flow details screen displays.

  2. Select the pencil icon at the top of the screen.

    Screenshot of the pencil icon in the Flow details screen.

Run, delete, and turn a flow on or off

Select the vertical ellipsis (⋮) next to a flow, and then select one of the options: Run flow, Turn off (or if the flow is off, Turn on), or Delete.

You can also turn a flow on and off in the Details screen.

Screenshot of flow options.

Run an instant flow

The main difference between flows and instant flows is that you need to trigger instant flows manually to run them.

  1. Launch Power Automate mobile app, tap Instant flows at the bottom of the page, and tap the flow that you wish to run.

  2. View the progress while the flow runs.

    The page updates, indicating that the flow has completed.

View run history and details

Select the vertical ellipsis (⋮) next to a flow, and then select Details.

In addition to the flow's run history, you can view a description of the flow if one was provided, how long ago it was modified, and its type.

You can also toggle Enable here to turn the flow on or off.

Screenshot of flow details and run history.

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