Protect your data in process advisor

To ensure that sensitive data is not exposed, process advisor features allow you to remove screenshots and text entries stored during the recording session. Before preparing your recordings, you can also edit out any confidential information in the text or images to further protect your data.

Delete screenshots

To remove screenshots from your recording, follow these steps:

Open the recording in Process Advisor. Select the step that contains the screenshot you want to remove. Click on the Delete screenshot option. This will remove the selected screenshot from the recording. Make sure to save the changes before exiting the recording.

Screenshot of steps to select and delete.

Remove text

In process advisor, you can protect sensitive data by removing it from any text entries recorded during a session. To do this, select the text entry that contains the sensitive information and modify the step description to remove it. For example, you could replace the sensitive data with a generic term or placeholder. Be sure to save your changes before sharing or analyzing the recording.

Description field, where you remove sensitive information or other text.