Improve cloud flows with process insights (preview)

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

You can gain insights and improve your cloud flows with the help of process mining. With a single click, you can visualize your flow’s performance, identify bottlenecks and optimization opportunities, and monitor for performance drifts. You can generate these insights directly from the flow details page by having process advisor analyze your flow-run history with process mining techniques.


  • Flow runs generated in the last 28 days.

  • Only owner of a flow can generate process insights.

  • Access to Microsoft Dataverse.

  • Environment maker role.

Known limitations

  • After a flow runs, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes for data to be added for analysis. Historical runs up to 28 days are immediately available for analysis.

  • The feature isn't supported for Dataverse for Microsoft Teams environments.


  • The flow runs are 'cases' in the report. Actions are represented as 'activities'.

  • A path is a specific activity sequence, like a 'trace' through the process, from start to end. Each path differs from the others by at least one action.

  • Custom metrics and filters allow you to generate custom insights such as based on your flow version, or successful versus failed flow run.

Improve your flow with process insights

On your flow details page, you can see the Process insights (preview) card. To see your flow process visualization and analytics, select Improve your flow.

  1. Go to your flow details page.

  2. Generate flow runs if the flow hasn't run in the last 28 days.

    Screenshot of the flow details page.

  3. On the process advisor tile, select improve your workflows.

  4. Wait for analysis to complete.

    Screenshot of analyzing your process.

When analysis completes, the flow process analytics screen displays.

Screenshot of the flow process analytics.

  1. To get the most common run path in your automation, select the most frequent variant.

  2. Customize your insights based on custom filters for your flow like flow version, action status, action status code, or action error.

  3. Select time analysis report to drill down into bottlenecks based on cases, variants, and time.


To re-analyze the process based on your latest flow runs, go to the process advisor analytics page and select Refresh. This will update your data and re-analyze the process. You can continue viewing the analytics while the analysis is processing.