Submit a template to the Power Automate gallery

Templates help people not only to create flows more easily, but also to imagine additional scenarios that would benefit from a cloud flow.


  • Starting December 2022, the procedure to submit a template explained in this article has been deprecated. Any new template submissions using this deprecated procedure won't be accepted.
  • This article will be updated with the new template submission process soon.
  1. On the left pane, select My flows.

  2. Select a cloud flow, and then select the More commands (vertical ellipses) icon.

    Screenshot of the More commands icon.

  3. On the menu that appears, select Details.

  4. On the menu at the top, select Submit as template.

    Screenshot of the Submit as template menu option.

    You can only submit flows that have run successfully at least once since the last time you saved the flow. If your flow doesn't meet this requirement, you'll get a warning message.

    Screenshot showing warning message of no successful runs.

  5. On the Submit as template screen, provide the following:

    1. A meaningful title. Make sure the title is fewer than 75 characters.
    2. A clear description of the scenario that your template automates. Make sure the description/summary is fewer than 1,024 characters. Having accurate English text ensures that misunderstandings to our customers aren't translated into multiple languages.
    3. The biggest benefit.
    4. The number of users.
    5. The number of runs
    6. The categories that apply to the template.

    Screenshot of template options.

  6. Select Submit.

    The Power Automate team verifies and possibly modifies your template. If the team approves your template, it appears in the gallery of templates for Power Automate.


Templates are for use in the public gallery only. They aren't supported for private use.