Power BI data source prerequisites

For each data provider, Power BI supports a specific provider version on objects. For more information about data sources available to Power BI, see Data sources. The following table describes these requirements.

Data source Provider Minimum provider version Minimum data source version Supported data source objects Download link
SQL Server ADO.net (built into .NET Framework) .NET Framework 3.5 (only) SQL Server 2005+ Tables/Views, Scalar functions, Table functions Included in .NET Framework 3.5 or above
Access Microsoft Access Database Engine (ACE) ACE 2010 SP1 No restriction Tables/Views Download link
Excel (.xls files only) (see note 1) Microsoft Access Database Engine (ACE) ACE 2010 SP1 No restriction Tables, Sheets Download link
Oracle (see note 2) ODP.NET ODAC 11.2 Release 5 ( 9.x+ Tables/Views Download link
MySQL Connector/Net 6.6.5 5.1 Tables/Views, Scalar functions Download link
PostgreSQL NPGSQL ADO.NET provider (Shipped with Power BI Desktop) 4.0.10 9.4 Tables/Views Download link
Teradata .NET Data Provider for Teradata 14+ 12+ Tables/Views Download link
SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere iAnywhere.Data.SQLAnywhere for .NET 3.5 16+ 16+ Tables/Views Download link


Excel files that have an .xlsx extension do not require a separate provider installation.


The Oracle providers also require Oracle client software (version 8.1.7+).