Use OneDrive for Business links in Power BI Desktop

Many people have Excel workbooks stored in OneDrive for Business that would be great for use with Power BI Desktop. With Power BI Desktop, you can use online links for Excel files stored in OneDrive for Business to create reports and visuals. You can use a OneDrive for Business group account or your individual OneDrive for Business account.

Getting an online link from OneDrive for Business requires a few specific steps. The following sections explain those steps, which let you share the file link among groups, across different machines, and with your coworkers.

  1. Navigate to your OneDrive for Business location using a browser. Select the ellipses (...) to open the More menu, then select Details.


    Your browser interface might not look exactly like the following image. There are many ways to select Open in Excel for files in your OneDrive for Business browser interface. You can use any option that allows you to open the file in Excel.

    Screenshot of selecting the more menu in OneDrive.

  2. In the More details pane that appears, select the copy icon next to Path.

    Screenshot of the More details pane, showing the Copy path button selection.

In Power BI Desktop, you can use the link you just copied to the clipboard. Take the following steps:

  1. In Power BI Desktop, select Get data > Web.

    Screenshot of the Get Data ribbon in Power B I Desktop, showing the Web selection.

  2. With the Basic option selected, paste the link into the From Web dialog box.

    Screenshot of the From Web dialog.

  3. If Power BI Desktop prompts you for credentials, choose either Windows (for on-premises SharePoint sites) or Organizational Account (for Microsoft 365 or OneDrive for Business sites).

    Screenshot of the Power B I Desktop credential prompt, showing Windows or Organizational account selection.

    A Navigator dialog box appears, allowing you to select from the list of tables, sheets, and ranges found in the Excel workbook. From there, you can use the OneDrive for Business file just like any other Excel file. You can create reports and use it in datasets like you would with any other data source.


To use a OneDrive for Business file as a data source in the Power BI service, with Service Refresh enabled for that file, make sure you select OAuth2 as the Authentication method when configuring your refresh settings. Otherwise, you may encounter an error (such as, Failed to update data source credentials) when you attempt to connect or to refresh. Selecting OAuth2 as the authentication method remedies that credentials error.