Share access to a dataset (preview)

To make it possible for other users to take advantage of a dataset, you can share it with them. Sharing a dataset means granting access to it. This document shows you how to grant access to a dataset using the Share dataset dialog.

Share a dataset

To share a dataset

  1. On either the data hub page or on the data details page, choose Share as follows:

    • Data hub: In the data items list, click the Share icon. On a recommended data item tile, choose Share on the More options (…) menu.

      Screenshot of data item share option on the data hub.

    • Dataset info page: Click the Share icon on the action bar at the top of the page.

      Screenshot of dataset share icon on the dataset info page.

  2. In the Share dataset dialog that appears, enter the names or email addresses of the specific people or groups (distribution groups or security groups) that you want to grant access to, then choose the types of access you wish to grant. You can optionally choose to send them an email notifying them that they've been granted access.

    Screenshot of the Share dataset dialog.

    • Allow allow recipients to modify this dataset: This option allows the recipients to modify the dataset.

    • Allow recipients to share this dataset: This option allows the recipients to grant access to other users via sharing.

    • Allow recipients to build content with the data associated with this dataset: This option grants the recipients Build permission on the dataset, which enables them to build new reports and dashboards based on the data associated it.

      If you clear this checkbox, the user will get read-only permission on the dataset. Read-only permission allows them to explore the dataset on the dataset's info page but doesn't allow them to build new content based on the dataset.

    • Send an email notification: When this option is selected, an email will be sent to the recipients notifying them that they have been granted access to the dataset. You can add an optional message to the email message.

  3. Click Grant access.


When you press Grant access, access is granted automatically. No further approval is required.

To monitor, change, or remove user access to your dataset, see Manage dataset access permissions.

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