Downloading samples to My workspace in the Power BI service

Some of the Mobile app documentation available here uses sample data for the purposes of illustration. To follow along on your device, you can download the sample data to your Power BI service account, where you can then view it from the Power BI Mobile app on your device. This article describes how to download the sample data to your Power BI service account.


You must have a Power BI service account to be able to download data. If you're not yet signed up for Power BI, sign up for a free trial before you begin.

Download a sample

  1. Open the Power BI service in your browser and sign in.

  2. Select Get data in the lower-left corner of the navigation pane. If the navigation pane is hidden and you can't see the Get data link, display the pane by clicking the show/hide navigation pane icon Global navigation button.

    Get Data

  3. On the Get Data page, select the Samples link.

    Samples icon

  4. Select a sample to download. Be sure to choose the sample that the tutorial, quickstart, or article you're using calls for. After selecting it, click Connect.

    Choose connect

  5. Power BI imports the sample, adding a new dashboard, report, and dataset to your My Workspace.

    Sample dashboard

You are now ready to view the samples on your mobile device.

Next steps