Write Copilot prompts for creating report pages in Power BI

APPLIES TO: Power BI Desktop Power BI service

Before your business can start using Copilot capabilities in Power BI, your administrator needs to enable Copilot in Microsoft Fabric.


Sample prompts for report pages

Here are some examples of prompts that work well with Copilot for Power BI. Use these prompts as examples.

Each sample prompt is paired with a report page that Copilot generated based on the interpretation of that prompt. Your prompts help Copilot understand what you're looking for, but they may not produce a page that's exactly what you want. It's a starting point for report page creation. Use the user interface to modify the report page that Copilot created.

Sales performance by product

"Create a page to analyze the sales amount, revenue, and profit margin of different products, categories, and subcategories over time and across regions."

Screenshot showing Copilot sample prompt for sales performance.

Customer segmentation and loyalty

"Create a page to identify and compare the characteristics, behaviors, and preferences of different customer segments based on demographic, geographic, and transactional data."

Screenshot showing Copilot sample prompt for Customer segmentation.

Promotion effectiveness and ROI

"Create a page to evaluate the impact and return on investment of various promotions on sales, revenue, and customer acquisition and retention."

Screenshot showing Copilot sample prompt for Promotion effectiveness.

Inventory and supply chain management

"Create a page to monitor and optimize the inventory levels, reorder points, safety stock, and product costs of different products and product lines based on demand, lead time, and manufacturing costs."

Screenshot showing Copilot sample prompt for Inventory and supply chain management.

Create a table of contents

Now generate a table of contents across your report pages.

"Make a table of contents for this report that contains a brief description of what each page is about."

Screenshot showing create a table of contents.

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