Certificate revocation check, Power BI Desktop

Certificates ensure the security of your connections to online data sources. You can check to see if a certificate is revoked before you connect. Power BI offers two ways to enable or disable a certificate check:

  • In Options in Power BI Desktop.
  • By editing the registry.

Revocation check options

Both methods offer three possible settings:

  • Comprehensive check: Reject certificates that are revoked and certificates without revocation information.
  • Basic check: Only reject certificates that are revoked. Certificates without revocation information are allowed through. This is important for some organizations with corporate proxy services.
  • None or Disabled: Power BI doesn't check revocation information. All valid certificates are allowed through.
Certificate revocation information status Comprehensive check Basic check None / Disabled
Not revoked

In Power BI Desktop

You can enable or disable the check in the user interface in Power BI Desktop. On the File menu > Options and settings > Options, select Security, then select one of the three options:

  • Comprehensive check
  • Basic check
  • None

Basic check is the default selection.

Screenshot of the check certification revocation dialog box.

In registry settings

You can also control the certificate revocation check by setting the DWORD registry value DisableCertificateRevocationCheck. Admins can also use this method to control the setting for their whole organization.

  • Basic
  • Disabled is the same as None in Power BI Desktop.
  • Comprehensive

Set the DWORD registry value DisableCertificateRevocationCheck in the Power BI Desktop registry key. The key is in one of these folders, depending on your operating system:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Microsoft Power BI Desktop


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Power BI Desktop

Set the registry value to one of the following values:

Value Mode Configuration
0 Basic Certificates with an unknown revocation status are accepted. Equivalent to Basic in Power BI Desktop.
1 Disabled Ignores all revocation checks. Equivalent to None in Power BI Desktop.
2 Comprehensive Requires not revoking certificates. Doesn't accept certificates with unknown revocation status. Equivalent to Comprehensive in Power BI Desktop.