Push datasets limitations

Push datasets are very limited in their functionality. They're designed only for a near real-time streaming scenario to be consumed by a streaming tile in a dashboard, and not by a Power BI report.
This article lists limitations of the Power BI REST APIs push datasets.


Review the following list of limitations before using the push datasets APIs.

  • 75 max columns

  • 75 max tables

  • 10,000 max rows per single POST rows request

  • 1,000,000 rows added per hour per dataset

  • 5 max pending POST rows requests per dataset

  • 120 POST rows requests per minute per dataset

  • If table has 250,000 or more rows, 120 POST rows requests per hour per dataset

  • 200,000 max rows stored per table in FIFO dataset

  • 5,000,000 max rows stored per table in 'none retention policy' dataset

  • 4,000 characters per value for string column in POST rows operation

  • 75 max relationships

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