File download API

The file download API lets users download data from a custom visual into a file on their storage device. Downloading a visual requires user consent and admin permission provided in the admin global switch. This setting is separate from and not affected by download restrictions applied in your organization's export and sharing tenant settings.

Screenshot of admin setting enabling custom visual downloads.


The file download API is available from API version 4.5

The file download API can export to files of the following types:

  • .txt
  • .csv
  • .json
  • .tmplt
  • .xml
  • .pdf
  • .xlsx

Before the download begins, a window will pop up asking to confirm that the visual is from a trusted source.

Screenshot asking to confirm download only if it is from a trusted source.

How to use the file download API

The exportVisualsContent method has four parameters:

  • content: string
  • filename: string
  • fileType: string - When exporting to a .pdf or .xlsx file, the fileType parameter should be base64.
  • fileDescription: string

Example: file download API

Here's an example of how to download the content of a custom visual into an excel file and a text file.

import IDownloadService = powerbi.extensibility.IDownloadService;

export class Visual implements IVisual {
    private new_em: HTMLElement;
    private static downloadService: IDownloadService;

    constructor(options: VisualConstructorOptions) {
         Visual.downloadService =;
         this.new_em.onclick = () => {
            let contentXlsx: string = ...;//content in base64
            Visual.downloadService.exportVisualsContent(contentXlsx, "myfile.xlsx", "base64","xlsx file");

            let contentTxt: string = ...;
            Visual.downloadService.exportVisualsContent(contentTxt, "mytxt.txt", "txt","txt file");

Considerations and limitations

The size limit for a downloaded file size is 10 MB.

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