Overriding data loss prevention policies (preview)

The data loss prevention side pane lists all the DLP policy issues detected by a content scan of the dataset.

Each DLP policy issue is shown on a card. The card shows the policy tip, indicates what kind of sensitive data was detected, and offers actions you can take if you believe the data was falsely identified.

Screenshot of D L P policies side pane

The action or combination of actions you see may vary depending on the policy configuration. The possible actions are described below.

  • Report an issue: Report the issue as a false positive (that is, report that the policy has mistakenly identified non-sensitive data as sensitive).
  • Override: Override the policy. Overriding a policy means that this policy will no longer check this dataset for sensitive data. Depending on the policy configuration, you may be required to provide a justification for the override.
  • Report and override: Report the issue as a false positive and override the policy.


Any action you take will be recorded in the audit log where it can be reviewed by security admins.

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