Power BI implementation planning: Workspaces


This article forms part of the Power BI implementation planning series of articles. For an introduction to the series, see Power BI implementation planning.

This workspaces article introduces the Power BI workspace planning articles. These articles are targeted at multiple audiences:

  • Power BI administrators: The administrators who are responsible for overseeing Power BI in the organization.
  • Center of Excellence, IT, and BI team: The teams that are also responsible for overseeing Power BI and supporting self-service users throughout the organization.
  • Content creators and owners: Self-service BI creators who need to create, publish, and manage content in workspaces.

Proper workspace planning is an integral part of making a Power BI implementation successful. Inadequate workspace planning can lead to less user flexibility and inferior workarounds for organizing and securing Power BI content.

Fundamentally, a Power BI workspace is a container in the Power BI service for storing and securing Power BI content. However, workspaces have many other capabilities and functionality that includes content distribution and collaboration.

The workspace planning content is organized into the following articles:

Next steps

In the next article in this series, learn about tenant-level workspace planning.