Add a border frame to a chart in a paginated report (Power BI Report Builder)

APPLIES TO: Power BI Report Builder Power BI Desktop

To give a chart in a Power BI paginated report more visual impact, consider using a border frame around the outside of the chart. You can select a border frame by using the Chart Properties dialog box or by using the Properties pane. The chart border frames cannot be applied to any other data region.

Apply a border to a chart

  1. Right-click anywhere on the chart and select Chart Properties.


    If you do not see the Chart Properties, point to Chart on the shortcut menu and select Chart Properties.

  2. Select Border, and select the type of border to apply to the chart.

  3. (Optional) Select a value or type an expression that represents the style of the border.

  4. (Optional) Specify the color of the line that will be drawn around the chart as the border.


    The Line color list contains common colors. If you want to select from a list of more colors, select More colors in the list or select the expression (fx) button next to the list to bring up the Expression editor.

  5. (Optional) Specify the width of the border. Valid values are between 0.25pt and 20pt. Consider keeping the size of your border to between 1 and 3pt for the best visual effect.

  6. (Optional) If your report contains a background color other than white, consider defining a page color that is the same color. The page color is the background color outside of the border line.

  7. (Optional) If you choose a Frame type, specify a style and color for the frame. The Frame fill color list contains common colors.