Interact with small multiples in Power BI

APPLIES TO: Power BI Desktop Power BI service

Small multiples, or trellising, split a visual into multiple versions of itself. This article explains how to get the most out of interacting with them.

Screenshot of small multiples for category and region.

Want to create small multiples? See Create small multiples in Power BI.

Scroll in a small multiple

Small multiples may contain more individual charts that can fit in the grid. If so, you can scroll down to see the rest of your categories.

For a categorical X axis with many categories, you also see a scroll bar for each copy of that axis. Scrolling on that axis moves them all together. If you're using a scroll wheel, hold Shift to scroll the categorical axes.

Select data to cross-highlight

You can select different subsets of data by selecting different parts of the visual.

Select data points

Hover over the data point on one multiple to show the tooltip in that multiple. You also see a guide line on the X axis for line charts. Select that data point to cross-highlight other visuals by both the axis value and the small-multiple category, and dim the other multiples.

Select a data point in a small multiple.

Select a categorical axis value

Select a category label to cross-highlight other visuals by that axis value.

Select a category axis in a small multiple.

Select a title

Select the title of a multiple to cross-highlight other visuals by the category in that subheader.

Select a title in a small multiple.


Select a legend category to cross-highlight other visuals and cross-highlight other multiples.

Select an item in the legend in a small multiple.


With the sort functionality, you can sort multiple aspects of a visual at once. Sort by the category, and also by the axis in each multiple.

Sort the small multiples.