Add a multistep form

While you can use a form to collect data in Power Pages sites, a multistep form allows you to create a form with multiple steps. Use multistep form when you want to collect user input through multiple forms that use different components.


  • Multistep forms were called advanced forms earlier.
  • Some features of multistep forms still need to be configured using the Portal Management app. More information: Define multistep form properties.

Create new multistep form

  1. Go to Power Pages.

  2. Select Edit on the site you want to add a page to.

  3. Add a section on any page.

  4. Choose Multistep form from component library.

    Menu to select a component from available options.

  5. Select on + New multistep form. Alternatively, you can also choose an existing multistep form (if a maker has created one previously).

    Add a multistep form.

  6. If necessary, edit the form name, and configure the form options with the following criteria.

    Setup menu for multistep form.

    Option Description
    Show progress indicator Enable or disable progress indicator when submitting a multistep form. More information: Progress indicator
    Add multiple entries per person When enabled, allows the form to be submitted multiple times by same authenticated user. If you allow anonymous users to access the form, they will always be able to submit the form multiple times.
    On submit You can choose optionally to show a success message. You must enter the options to redirect to a webpage and redirect to a URL.
    Captcha You can choose to show a captcha to anonymous users, authenticated users, or both.
    More options From here, you can launch the form in Portal Management app for more settings.
  7. Select + Add the first step or + Add step.

    Add the first step to the form.

  8. Enter a name for the step, and then select a table and the form.

    Add multistep form menu.

    Option Description
    Step name Name of the step.
    Choose a table Select the table where the data will be stored.
    Select a form Select one of the Dataverse forms available for the selected table.
    Attachments Configure attachments for the step. More information: Enable attachments
    More options Allows you to change step mode, enable or disable back button, and launch the Portal Management app from here for more settings. More information: Configure more options


    If you want to create a new table or a new form, use Data workspace.

  9. Select Ok.

  10. Add more steps by selecting + Add step from the toolbar.

    Add more steps to the multistep-form.


    Conditions and redirect steps are not supported in maker studio. Go to the Portal Management app to create or view conditions and redirect steps.

Preview steps

You can preview all steps inside the design studio by selecting the step from the step dropdown in the toolbar.

The step dropdown option in the maker studio with the Course Details step selected.

Enable attachments

You can enable notes attachment for any step. To enable notes attachment, go to Step settings > Attachments > select Enable attachments.

The Add step menu options with Enable attachments selected from the Attachments options.

Option Description
Enable attachments Enables or disables attachments on the multiform step.
Attachment is required Makes attachments mandatory or optional.
Allow multiple files Allor more than one file to the multistep form
Attachments display label Label that appears on the form for attachment upload
Max file size allowed (in KB) File size in KB allowed for the upload. Maximum limit is determined by the value set in the Dataverse.
File types allowed Select one or more file types from the available options that you want to allow for upload

Configure more options

You can configure form mode, back button and open the step in Portal Management app for more configuration.

Configure more options.

Change step mode

Form can be added to a step in create, update or read-only mode. Step mode defines if the user can give inputs to submit a form, or edit an existing form, or open a form in read-only mode.

You can change the mode for a step when adding it, or from the Step settings > More options in the toolbar once the step is created.

Step mode that defines whether the step is to create, update, or read-only.


  • By default, the first step is added in create mode and additional steps are added in edit mode.
  • Different steps within a single multistep form can have different step modes.

Display back button

Enables or disables the back button when moving through different multistep form steps.

Open Portal Management app

Opens Portal Management app for more configuration.

Progress indicator

A progress indicator shows you the step that you're currently on within a multistep form. You can change the progress indicator type and position.

Select Edit indicator to modify the progress indicator.

The Edit progress indicator window inside the maker studio.

Enable table permissions

When you add a new form, you'll be prompted to set permission to allow users to interact with the form.

The new table permissions options inside the maker studio.

Table permissions settings default to create and append to, but you'll need to assign web roles and save the settings. Child table permission for the note (annotations) table, which contains the attachments, will be created automatically.

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