Overview of AI Builder 2019 release wave 2


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AI brings new opportunities to your business by solving particular business needs or problems with intelligence.

AI for everyone

Creating AI, however, can prove to be costly and require a specialized set of skills, such as data science or software development, to integrate it into your business processes. This adds overhead in the form of cost, risk, and time to market for delivering an AI solution. Creating AI, therefore, is restricted to those business units or companies capable of making such investments.

AI Builder is a new Power Platform capability for teams with the business expertise to easily automate processes and predict outcomes to improve business performance. AI Builder is a turnkey solution that brings the power of Microsoft AI through a point-and-click experience. You can now build AI without knowing programming or data science. Using AI is made even easier with integration directly into Power Apps and Power Automate.

Our mission is to help businesses of any size accelerate their digital transformation journey by empowering them to use AI.

Empower businesses of any size to use AI

These are the high-level steps on how AI Builder opens up the world of AI to business analysts and citizen app developers:

  1. Choose AI template: Select your business problem from a growing set of AI turnkey solutions.
  2. Connect data: Select your business-specific data from Common Data Service. AI Builder does the hard work for you thanks to the Common Data Model.
  3. Tailor your AI model: Filter your data and customize your AI model to best fit your business problem.
  4. Train your AI model: Training is an automatic operation where AI Builder builds your model by teaching it how to solve your business problem (for example, recognize your products on an image) using your business data and customization. Once trained, your AI model can generate insights, such as the result of a prediction or the objects detected on an image.
  5. Use your AI model: Take advantage of the insights provided by your AI model without writing a single line of code. With the Power Platform, you can create end-to-end solutions to your business problems, such as creating a flow that automates document processing or an app that predicts whether a supplier will fall out of compliance.