Admin APIs to help identify who has access to what


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Jul 29, 2021 To be announced

Business value

With the increased focus on governance, compliance, and regulations, customers need visibility within the Power BI environment to support auditing, regulations, and company policies. Power BI administrators need to support access review audits and see who has access to Power BI assets.

Feature details

We're releasing a suite of new admin APIs that provide access to information for Power BI assets. These new APIs will allow you to programmatically retrieve user and permission information for any Power BI asset (report, dashboard, dataset, dataflow, workspace, and capacity). You can also generate a list of all the assets and the users and security groups with access to those assets. We're also enhancing the read-only scanner admin API by including user permission information in the scan result.

  1. Admin API to answer who has access to what asset in a workspace: This API will determine access levels for all users or security groups, whether in one or multiple workspaces across your tenant. For every asset in the scan result, a list of users and their permissions is returned.

  2. Admin API to answer who has access to an asset: To figure out who has access to a particular type of Power BI asset, we have individual APIs for the corresponding asset. These APIs require you to supply an asset identifier and will output the users and security groups that have been given access, including what role they are granted. In this release, these Power BI assets are supported: capacity, workspace, report, dashboard, dataset, and dataflow.

  3. Admin API to answer what asset can a user access: When administrators need to spot check access rights for a user or security group, we provide an API that, when given a user or security group identifier, returns a list of all Power BI assets that they can access.