Use mixed-reality components in no- or low-connectivity scenarios with caching and offline support


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Feb 20, 2022 - -

Business value

Users of apps built with the View in 3D and View in MR components can keep using those apps to view mixed-reality content even if they have little or no internet connection. That way, if your app user is an area where internet is not available, they can still use mixed-reality components to view and analyze spaces and shapes without impacting their productivity.

Feature details

The View in 3D and View in MR components will now cache content used in the control on your device so that these components can be used in no- or low-connectivity scenarios. This caching will also improve the load time of content that's been previously loaded into mixed reality.

There will also be support for designating what content should be cached for offline support. This enables users to make sure all the content they need for their day will be available on their device regardless of connectivity.