Owners and admins can now change the owner of flows


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - - Feb 6, 2022

Business value

This feature provides the ability for solution-aware flows to be reassigned to a new owner if the original owner switches teams, ensuring business continuity.

Feature details

With this feature, solution-aware flow owners, co-owners, and admins can change the owner of flows to ensure business continuity.

After an owner, co-owner, or admin changes the owner, the original owner is added as a co-owner and the solution flow starts using the new owner's license and request limits. If the new owner doesn't have an appropriate license for the flow, the person who assigns a new owner receives a warning before the new owner is set.

This feature is available for solution-aware flows only. For non-solution-aware flows, someone with access to the flow must export it, and then the new owner must import it.

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