Express Design - auto-generate Power Apps from design and Figma files


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Business value

With the Express Design feature, you can use designs, sketches, or any such graphical presentation to bring your imagination into Power Apps and create apps based directly on your intended designs.

Feature details

App development starts at the design phase, and then, they need to be built in software development tools. This is a time-consuming process and requires collaboration between designers and software developers. With the introduction of the Express Design feature in Power Apps, you can now generate an app from an existing design file in Figma or a static image of a form or a whiteboard.

This feature provides two main capabilities: App from image and App from Figma.

App from image

This capability allows you to create apps from static images, such as those in the .jpeg, .png, or .img formats. All you need to do is ensure that the image adheres to the guidelines and requirements by the feature, and an app is generated for you with the controls as identified when supplied. You also have an option to create your own table in Microsoft Dataverse to support the schema expected by the app.

App from Figma

This capability allows you to supply the link to your Figma file location, along with an access token for Power Apps to access the file. Then, you can directly generate an app based on the design criteria defined within your Figma screen.

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