Quickly explore and create tables with the table hub and designer


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - - May 22, 2022

Business value

Bring table designer (currently only available in Power Apps for Teams app) to make.powerapps.com, to make creating and customizing tables more approachable for citizen developers. Enable quick create of an app over data from the table, publish and play immediately on web or using the phone app.

Feature details

Tables today are configured by diving directly into the list of columns, relationships, or other subcomponents that make up Microsoft Database tables. This feature introduces a hub view for a table to provide an overview of the table subcomponents and give the maker a view of the table data. New columns can be created in-line with that table data, and (with appropriate privileges) data can also be updated.

A quick way to generate an app starting from your table will allow you to create and play the app in your browser or on your mobile device by just supplying a name for the app, giving you a good idea of how your table is used in an app before jumping into editing the app to tailor the experience.

Dataverse table hub.

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