Timeout option for Wait for web page in web automation action


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Business value

Users can set the amount of time that a web automation action will wait to load before it fails, providing the user with a better control of the desktop flow execution.

Feature details

Users can set a timeout when enabling the wait for page to load option in web actions. The parameter name is Timeout on webpage load, and it's always visible when Wait for page to load is enabled with a default value of 60 seconds. When the Wait for page to load parameter is disabled, then the timeout parameter should be hidden.


  • Launch new Internet Explorer
  • Launch new Firefox
  • Launch new Chrome
  • Launch new Microsoft Edge
  • Create new tab
  • Go to web page
  • Click link on web page
  • Focus text field on web page
  • Populate text Field on web page
  • Set check box state on web page
  • Select radio button on web page
  • Set drop-down list value on web page
  • Press button on web page

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