View trigger output on the run history screen


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - - Aug 15, 2022

Business value

This feature allows makers to easily identify a flow run using an identifier column on the flow runs page.

Feature details

Currently, to troubleshoot a flow from the runs page, a maker must expand a particular run and view the following data points about it:

  • How the flow ran.
  • The trigger values passed into the flow run.
  • Who triggered the flow.
  • Which record (Microsoft listID, OneDrive folderID, etc.) from which the flow triggered.

With this feature, makers no longer need to expand with run to view data about the run. Instead, they can choose a trigger dynamic value output that appears on the flow runs view as a dynamic column whose value gets populated automatically after each run. This greatly improves the troubleshooting experience, particularly for flows that run frequently.

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