Power BI datasets hub enhancements


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Business value

This feature enables users to easily discover and reuse data in one central hub. The data hub is a centralized experience that empowers users by enabling them to curate, publish, discover, and reuse organizational datasets and address their business questions either in Power BI or in Excel. For data owners, the hub enables efficient and centralized management of data assets.

Feature details

In the expanding world of BI, being able to easily discover valuable and trustworthy data in one central location has become crucial for deriving business insights and making correct business decisions. To address this, we recently introduced the new data hub, available within both the Power BI service and the Power BI Teams personal app.

The new data hub enables users to:

  • Discover curated, non-curated, and recommended datasets and datamarts that have been shared with them.
  • Explore relevant dataset and datamart properties (description, sensitivity, refresh time, and so forth).
  • Discover related reports.
  • Explore usage information for the selected dataset or datamart.
  • Create a report based on a selected dataset or datamart or to start from a template report.
  • Analyze a dataset in Excel.
  • View lineage and impact for the selected dataset or datamart.
  • Discover curated datasets that were set by their owners as discoverable and request access to view the data, build reports, or analyze it in Excel.
  • View dataset schema and quickly create a report on top of a selected table.
  • View dataset refresh history and refresh failure reason and trigger a new refresh.
  • Share a dataset or datamart with a link or a chat in Teams to provide easy access and collaboration.

Moving forward, we're committed to making the data hub the central location for data discovery, exploration, and reuse for deriving insights. To accomplish this, we're expanding the capabilities of the data hub. This includes the ability to:

  • Enhance data discovery capabilities by enabling users to find data by searching by dataset or datamart name.
  • Discover new datamarts in your hub with read-only permissions and request further access.
  • New options to create reports on top of a dataset. (Auto-create a report on a single table dataset or create as a formatted table.)
  • Quickly access datasets and datamarts from the Power BI home page and recent lists, allowing access to dataset or datamart details in the data hub to explore further.

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