Add or remove sales territory members

To accommodate changes in sales territories or the representatives that are assigned to each territory, you can add or remove territory members.

  1. Go to Settings > Business Management.

  2. Choose Sales Territories.

  3. In the list of territories, under Territory Name, double-click or tap the entry for the territory you want to add people to or remove people from.

  4. In the Navigation Pane, expand Common if necessary, and then choose Members.

  5. Follow the steps for the task you're performing:

    Add people to a sales territory

    1. On the ribbon, choose Add Members, view the text in the Message from webpage dialog box, and then choose OK to close the dialog box.

    2. In the Look Up Records dialog box, in the Search text box, type in the name or a part of the name of the user you want to add to the sales territory, and then choose the Start search icon 54934..

    3. In the list of records, select the people you want to add to the sales territory, and then tap or click Add.

    Remove people from a sales territory

    1. In the list of members, select the people you want to remove from the sales territory, and then on the ribbon, choose Remove Members.

    2. In the Remove Members dialog box, choose Remove.


      When you remove someone from a sales territory, the updated list of members isn't displayed until you refresh the page.

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