How do I check my online service health?

You can quickly get a real-time status of your Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 services. The dashboard on the Microsoft 365 admin center provides a comprehensive view of the service health of your online services. If users are having trouble signing in to Dynamics 365 apps, check this page to see if there is a service outage.

View a snapshot of service health

Browse to the Microsoft 365 admin center and sign in using one of the Microsoft 365 admin roles that include service health monitoring. See About admin roles. You can see a quick snapshot of service health for some of your Microsoft 365 services. Select Service health (from the menu: Health > Service health) to get more information on all your services.

Microsoft 365 admin center service health dashboard.

View Dynamics 365 service health

Select Health > Service health > Dynamics 365 to see if there are issues; if so, select the advisory link.

Microsoft 365 admin center service issue.

View service health history

Select View history in the upper-right corner to view the past 7 or the past 30 days of service.

Service health view history.

Select an item to see service health status and details for that item.

Microsoft 365 admin center service health history.

View planned maintenance

Select the Message center on your home dashboard (from the menu: Health > Message center) to see if there are any scheduled events for your online service and to view other informative messages.

Microsoft 365 admin center Message Center.

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