Set up exporting to Application Insights


  1. Ensure that you have an Application Insights environment set up for receiving the data, in addition to the environment that has a database.

    • For the Application Insights environment, you must have contributor, writer, or admin rights.
    • The Application Insights environment must be unique for an environment or tenant. Note that Application Insights out-of-the-box reports won't function correctly if a single Application Insights environment contains data from multiple environments.
  2. To set up data export in the Power Platform admin center you'll need to be a member of the System Administrator role for an environment.

Set up export to your Applications Insights environment from the Power Platform admin center

  1. In the Power Platform admin center, select Data Export > New data export.

    Data export.

  2. Select Export to Application Insights.

    Data export to Application Insights.

  3. Search for the environment that you'll set up for the Application Insights data export setup. You can choose to filter based on the environment type.

    Select an environment type.

    Choose the environment you want, and then select Save.

    Select an environment.

  4. Choose the Azure subscription, resource group, and Application Insights environment, and then select Create. You must have contributor, writer, or admin rights to the Application Insights environment. Typically, one production environment or tenant maps to one Application Insights environment.

    Data export Application Insights details.

  5. The data export connection should now be set up. In the next 24 hours, data will start being exported to your Application Insights environment.

    Data export success.

  6. To stop the data export to Application Insights, select Delete export. You can set up a new connection whenever you decide to restart the data export.

    Delete export.

Regional availability

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