User channel override

With release channels, you can control how often the users in your organization get new features by specifying the release channel.

Admins can override the release channel for a user, called user channel override. User channel override takes precedence over the environment channel and app channel. Only the browser session URL overrides the user channel override.

View a user's release channel

To view the release channel for a user, complete the following steps.

The release channel for a user is based on the environment channel and the user channel override. The release channel for a user isn't based on the app channel because the app channel is only available when the app is running and needs to be checked from the Settings > About pane.

  1. Open the Power Platform admin center and select an environment.
  2. Select Users > See all.
  3. Search for a user.
  4. Select the user's name.
  5. Note the value in the Model apps channel field.

Override a user's release channel

Only admins can change the release channel for a user. Complete the following steps to do so.

  1. View a user's release channel.

  2. Under the Model apps channel field, select Change channel.

  3. Select a channel from User channel override dropdown menu.

    Option Description
    None There's no user channel override. The environment or app channel value is used.
    Semi-annual channel Users get new features twice a year, starting early April and early October.
    Monthly channel Users receive new features monthly, on the first release for the month.
  4. Select Submit.

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