Appendix: App design best practices checklist

Use the following checklist to evaluate your app design.

S.No Artifact Success Criteria
1 Font uniformity
  • Font size is uniform across the solution
  • Font color is uniform across the solution
  • Fonts are readable in all the intended device
2 Color Accessibility Colors used in this solution are accessible by all user groups.
3 Uniformity of color and design scheme The color and UI design are uniform and presentable
4 Ease of use for users The solution is intuitive and easy to use with minimal directions
5 Minimum number of screens to achieve a use-case All use-cases could be achieved in minimum number of screens and steps
6 Performance
  • Caching is used where needed
  • Only columns that are needed are pulled from database
  • Minimum number of calls to server is made to achieve any
  • use-case.
7 Presentation of information
  • Information is presented is most accessible format
  • UI layout is suitable for providing the information in the best way
  • UI layout provides seamless experience in all the devices that solution could be run
8 Responsiveness The solution is tested in all the intended devices for the solution
9 Accessible content
  • Content provided in the solution could be rendered in all the intended devices.
    Example: Do not have videos that could not render in certain browsers.
  • Does not have unnecessary redirects
  • Does not have interstitials that interrupts the user's flow
  • Design is suitable for touch screen. If your intended device is mobile or tablet, then your solution should be designed for a touch screen
10 Accuracy of information The information provided in the UI should help the user achieve the use case with minimal interruption in the intended flow of user actions to achieve that scenario

For information on best practices for creating Canvas apps, see Canvas App Coding Standard and Guidelines.