Install Power Platform CLI using Windows MSI

Applies to: Windows only

The pac data and certain pac package commands are only available for Windows because they currently have dependencies on .NET Framework, which isn't cross-platform compatible.


An internet connection is required for install and update. Power Platform CLI for Windows is installed and updated from this NuGet package: Microsoft.PowerApps.CLI


  1. Download the powerapps-cli-1.0.msi file.

  2. Open the powerapps-cli-1.0.msi file and accept the terms in the License Agreement.

    Accept the terms of the license agreement and install the Power Apps CLI

  3. Select Install

  4. When the Power Apps CLI Setup wizard is completed, select Finish.


To get the latest updates for Power Platform Tools for Windows, run this command:

pac install latest


  1. Download the powerapps-cli-1.0.msi file
  2. Open the powerapps-cli-1.0.msi file
  3. Select Next
  4. In the Change, repair, or remove installation screen, select Remove
  5. In the Ready to remove PowerApps CLI screen, select Remove to confirm
  6. When the Power Apps CLI Setup wizard is completed, select Finish

Manage versions

Each time you install Power Platform CLI using Windows MSI, the old installations aren't removed. You can revert back to an earlier installed version if there's an issue with a newer version.

You can type pac use and press Enter to list installed versions. If you have multiple versions installed on your system, then you can type pac use <CLI version number> and press Enter to use a specific version.

C:\> pac use
  1.29.11 (In Use)
  1.30.6 (Latest)
C:\> pac use 1.30.6
Now using version 1.30.6 of the Microsoft PowerApps CLI.
C:\> pac use
  1.30.6 (In Use) (Latest)

Known issue with pac power-fx repl

When you install using the Windows MSI, the shell can stop responding when you try to use pac power-fx repl. To work around this issue, install and use the Visual Studio Code extension or install Power Platform CLI with .NET Tool.

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