Enterprise templates for Power Platform

Enterprise templates for Power Platform are solutions that serve as starting points for specific use cases and outcomes. They accelerate time to value by allowing you to quickly digitize new processes or extend your technology investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), information technology (IT), and human resource (HR) systems.

Enterprise templates are built for centralized teams to locally install, extend, and deploy. You can organize an internal information technology (IT) and business operations team or select an external partner team to implement a Power Platform template project.

Enterprise templates for Power Platform help you:

  • Access and organize your data in a streamlined view in Power Apps.
  • Automate workflows with Power Automate cloud flows operating behind the scenes.

Additionally, you can:

  • Customize your solutions
  • Integrate your system of record with other features, applications, and systems
  • Incorporate more controls over how your users interact with data

Available enterprise templates

Enterprise templates for Power Platform are available on Microsoft AppSource.

Be sure to check back often for new templates that become available.

SAP Procurement
SAP Procurement template
Transform SAP procurement data

Employee Kudos
Employee Kudos template
Enable an employee recognition program

Awards and Recognition
Awards and Recognition template
Facilitate an employee awards program

Onboarding Buddy
Onboarding Buddy template
Match new employees to Buddies

Hardware Request and Management
Hardware Request and Management template
Manage hardware requests and assets

Appointment Booking
Appointment Booking template
Organize the appointment booking process

Benefits of using enterprise templates

Implementing enterprise software use cases is often time consuming and expensive. An enterprise template provides a foundation to help you quickly get started digitizing manually intensive processes. You can even extend a template by connecting workflows across more systems of record to drive more value with Power Platform.

Templates for Power Platform offer the following benefits:

  • Time to value

    • Remove many of the upfront investments needed in traditional enterprise software development.
    • Reduce sets of resources and skills needed to deploy.
    • Gain new business insights through digitized and connected processes.
  • Maximize existing IT investments

    • Continue to drive value out of existing major IT investments like ERP, CRM, IT, and HR systems.
    • Protect and maintain systems of record and data sources of truth.
  • Productivity

    • Reduce inefficiencies in manual processes.
    • Connect data across multiple systems of record to complete a workflow.
    • Meet users where they are, whether in Teams or in other collaborative experiences.


Enterprise templates for Power Platform require Power Platform premium licensing. Go to Licensing overview for Microsoft Power Platform for more information.

Get started

Learn how to install and set up Enterprise templates for Power Platform. More information:


Enterprise templates for Power Platform are published as is. However, we do provide template support to help you be successful.

Support can be accessed at Templates for Power Platform on GitHub. It's a dedicated support space for you to:

  • log questions
  • access template assets
  • access template release updates
  • access template support resources