Power Platform adoption maturity model: Repeatable patterns for successful Power Platform adoption

Microsoft Power Platform’s low-code approach to solution delivery has enabled thousands of organizations around the world to use technology to transform their business. This is done by enabling more people than ever to create applications, and to use mobile platforms and artificial technology to transform organizations with new ways of working.

This transformation is more critical now than ever. Technology is disrupting every industry but it's also the key to those that are thriving. Hence, it’s important to start the digital transformation journey incrementally but with urgency. Adopting a new technology with such broad applicability as Microsoft Power Platform is a transition for any organization.

We have identified consistent themes, patterns, practices, and behaviors that underpin the progress of successful organizations as they implement comprehensive digital transformation with Power Platform. The result of this work is the Power Platform adoption maturity model, which has broken down this process into five stages, based on the Capability Maturity Model.


Organizational adoption maturity is a long journey. It takes time, effort, and planning to progress to the higher levels.