Onboard new makers

One of your focus areas will be to ensure that users new to Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate have the resources they need to be productive and successful with these tools.

In our experience, when Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Power Platform is rolled out within an organization, users become intrigued with the tools they now have access to. As a result, they start clicking around and end up in Power Apps or Power Automate. Their curiosity might also land them in the templates area where they try out some of the popular ones. But, beyond some of the simpler templates, users need additional resources to tackle their use cases.

A great way of embracing new users and making sure they get off to a good start is to send them a welcome email that includes validated resources, company-specific resources, and links to upcoming internal events available to help them with their learning journey.

Building the flow

The core components of the Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit contain a welcome email template that you can customize to your requirements.

Even though we recommend that you use the CoE Starter Kit, alternatively the hands-on lab part of our admin-in-a-day training includes step-by-step instructions on how to set up a welcome email flow.

Sample welcome email to new makers.